For its next meeting, TiE Carolinas has arranged to have Gururaj Deshpande, co-founder and chairman of Sycamore Networks in Chelmsford, MA, to speak at InfoTech 2003 as a part of his first visit to the area.

On Monday, Oct. 27, TiE Carolinas will be partnering with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development to host the closing reception for the 13th Annual InfoTech 2003 Conference at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center in RTP.

The monthly TiE Carolinas meeting will be a part on this reception, which will begin at 4 PM. Deshpande will begin speaking at 5:45 PM.

According to TiE, Deshpande is an “influential technology entrepreneur and visionary” whose companies and ideas often reshape entire industries. Led by his vision and direction, TiE says Sycamore has helped create a “fundamental paradigm shift” in the role and architecture of the optical network…transforming a once static infrastructure into an “intelligent and dynamic” network foundation for the delivery of new services.

Prior to co-founding Sycamore, Deshpande was founder and chairman of Cascade Communications, which grew from a one-person startup to a company with $500 million in revenue and 900 employees. In June of 1997, Cascade was acquired by Ascend Communications for $3.7 billion.

Deshpande also co-founded Coral Network Corp. in 1988. Previously, he served in various management positions for Codex Corporation, a subsidiary of Motorola.

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