Wave7 Optics, along with OFS and Microsoft, are demonstrating a live online gaming application, simultaneous with voice, video and data services, over a Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network.

The demonstration, being held at the FTTH Conference in New Orleans, is enabled by Wave7 Optics’ Last Mile Link (LML) single fiber optical access solution and OFS’ Access Advantage FTTP System.

The demonstration shows how people can play an Xbox Live game and simultaneously access the Internet, talk using the Xbox Live Communicator headset, and view broadcast video to experience optical access networks.

The configuration consists of Wave7 Optics’ LML advanced optical access system supporting converged voice, data, broadcast video, and the Xbox Live service, over the Access Advantage FTTP system.

Wave7 Optics’ Last Mile Core (LMC) equipment is connected via OFS’ AllWave fiber, low-loss connectors, low-loss adapters, and low-loss Blue Tiger jumpers to Wave7 Optics’ Last Mile Gateways (LMGs) that each serve a subscriber. It effectively doubles the supported distance between the LMC and LMG.

“As advanced services develop and bandwidth requirements increase, the need for cost-effective scaleable optical systems will become imperative,” said Emmanuel Vella, chief marketing officer at Wave7. “Our infrastructure will support everything subscribers want to do now and into the future with solid economics to justify deployment today.”

Wave7 Optics: www.wave7optics.com