Securiant, a provider of appliance-based security solutions, has released its SpiderISA integrated security appliance.

The preconfigured appliance integrates and delivers five separate security tools (Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection and Response, Network State Monitoring, Data Correlation, and Event Reporting and Notification) in a single product.

The SpiderISA automatically updates vulnerability and attack signature databases; recognizes new applications as they are added; allows customizable, rule-based policies and procedures; and is available with up to four Ethernet interfaces to monitor multiple network segments concurrently.

Starting at $2,499 the SpiderISA is available in three models, each sized for specific network environments. Atlanta-based Securiant also offers the SpiderISA bundled with optional managed security services starting at $150 per month.

A device thjat can be up and running within 30 minutes, the SpiderISA is a network security solution specifically designed and priced for small to medium-sized and distributed networks.

“Our job is to simplify and manage security for the unserved and underserved marketplace,” said Richard Campbell, founder, president and CEO of Securiant. “The goal is to provide more concise, usable information about malicious activity and threats to network environments. With our — solution, businesses can finally build a security infrastructure that not only balances cost against risk but truly addresses security as a daily business issue.”