Cree Inc. says it has begun volume production of its new XThin light emitting diode (LED) products.

The Durham-based company says its XThin LEDs are the next generation of solid-state LED emitters. They combine Group III nitride materials with Cree’s silicon carbide substrate.

Target applications for this product include white LEDs for next generation mobile appliances for use in their LCD backlights and digital camera flash where brightness, sub-miniaturization, and low power consumption are required.

In related news, Cree R&D teams in Durham and at the company’s Technology Center in Santa Barbara, CA, have demonstrated 35 percent quantum efficiency at 20 milliamps (mA) for blue LEDs based on its XBright chip technology.

These are the highest known efficiencies publicly reported for LEDs emitting in the blue and white wavelength spectrum, according to Cree.