JBoss Group, provider of a Java-based application server, has joined the Java Community Process (JCP).

The move will enable all JBoss Group developers to directly contribute to the body that determines the specifications governing the advancement of Java technology.

“As part of the JCP, JBoss Group employees look forward to sharing our ideas, recommendations and technology,” said Bill Burke, chief architect for JBoss Group. “With the most recent version of JBoss, we feel that we introduced innovative services for working with plain Java objects–. We believe that we have substantial value to contribute to the group and that we, as an organization, will also benefit from the perspective and experience of its members.”

The head of the JCP, which was founded in 1995 and has more than 650 members, said he welcomes JBoss Group to the program.

“This step demonstrates that JBoss Group shares the common interest that underlies the community in the advancement of compatible Java implementations,” said JCP Chair Rob Gingell, “and I believe that the JBoss Group will be an active, important contributor to the evolution of the Java technology.”

With developers across North and South America, Europe and Australia, Atlanta-based JBoss Group provides expertise and services for the Java-based, open source JBoss application server and Tomcat servlet engine.

JBoss Group: www.jbossgroup.com

JCP: www.jcp.org