WebSourced subsidiary KeywordRanking.com has struck a unique agreement with ah-ha, a provider of online advertising solutions.

In fact, Andy Beal, vice president of WebSourced in RTP, says the partnering of a search engine optimization (SEO) firm and a paid advertising company is unprecedented in the industry.

“Normally a search engine optimization company is in competition with a search engine advertising company,” Beal tells Local Tech Wire. “However, our companies have decided to work with each other and make sure that our respective clients get the best of both worlds instead.”

Under the partnership, ah-ha will combine its paid advertising solutions with KeywordRanking.com’s SEO services to allow clients of the two companies access to both “crawled” and “paid” search engine positions.

One of the leading providers of pay-per-click search engine listings, ah-ha offers a service where websites that cannot or choose not to enhance their websites, can pay on a per-click basis to achieve better positioning in the search engines.

Provo, UT-based ah-ha launched in 1999 and now has more than 20,000 clients, typically small to medium sized businesses. Some of ah-ha’s more well-known clients include Sears, eBay, Hotwire and Orbitz.

WebSourced, on the other hand, offers SEO services through its subsidiaries KeywordRanking and ProRanking.com that help clients to enhance and tweak their website so that it naturally appears higher in the search engine results.

Founded by CEO and President Patrick Martin, WebSourced itself is a subsidiary of CGI Holding Corp. of Hillside, IL. It offers services to more than 1,000 clients, including NBC, Alaska Airlines and Monica Lewinsky.

WebSourced: www.websourced.com

Ah-Ha: www.ah-ha.com