SAS and Intel have begun a joint effort to help users expand business intelligence throughout the enterprise.

The companies are doing so using technology from SAS running on Intel-based clients and servers via the Intel Itanium 2 processor and Intel Centrino Mobile Technology.

This new effort will employ guidelines from Intel’s Mobilized Software Initiative to extend the benefits of the SAS Intelligence Architecture, the companies said. With wireless connectivity, the intelligence that SAS extracts from customer information can be used when and where it is needed, regardless of network connection status, according to SAS.

“SAS and Intel have long enjoyed a strong relationship and this expanded facet will continue to produce the best technology benefiting the end customers with faster access to SAS capabilities using the latest Intel based technology,” said Keith Collins, chief technology officer at SAS. “This means more people will have faster access to information at a lower cost.”

As part of the effort, the companies have extended the term of the joint SAS Intel Advanced Research Center located at SAS headquarters in Cary, for another two years. Intel is based in Santa Clara, CA.

Intel’s Mobilized Software Initiative applies architectural concepts similar to offline-networked messaging to a broader range of applications, allowing more solutions to be used, regardless of the status of the network connection.

SAS and Intel are working together to apply these concepts in four categories: offline data management, seamless connectivity, multiple platforms, and power and performance management.

“The demands of the modern business environment are requiring companies to improve the performance, mobility and scalability of their installed enterprise computing infrastructure,” said Mike Fister, senior vice president of Intel’s Enterprise Products Group. “SAS and Intel, working together, have brought business analytics to a new level with this combination of business intelligence, processing power and mobile decision making.”