Netifice Communications has expanded its three-year resale agreement with Covad Communications of Santa Clara, CA, enabling the company to provide private networking for its IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.

In addition, the companies say they have increased their network and operations integration, allowing Atlanta-based Netifice to provide its customers with increased performance and support.

“Our goal at Netifice is to deliver 100 percent coverage for all of our customers’ branch offices and remote users, and our relationship with Covad helps us achieve this objective,” said Greg Davis, vice president of marketing and product management at Netifice. “In addition, we have tightly integrated our networks and systems to deliver enhanced functionality.”

Netifice’s IP VPN extends throughout the entire Covad network, which covers more than 1,800 central offices in 96 of the largest metropolitan statistical areas. Covad’s network currently covers more than 40 million homes and business and reaches approximately 45 percent of all U.S. homes and businesses.

The combined Netifice and Covad network connectivity enables Netifice to route traffic directly from each customer site into a distinct MPLS routing domain on its network to create a unique private network.

Additionally, Netifice allows customers to use their own private IP addressing…even when traffic flows over multiple shared networks.