Sprint is expandeding its product offerings to small businesses in most of the United States, including all of North Carolina.

Sprint said it will offer bundled plans that include local and long-distance services to businesses in 34 states and the District of Columbia…about 80 percent of the country. The announcement followed a recent FCC order that essentially preserved that kind of telephone competition.

Sprint Complete Sense for Business, as the bundled plan is know, will range from $34.95 per month to $114.95 per month. Next month, businesses also will be able to add unlimited wireless.

“This provides a real alternative in Regional Bell areas for unlimited local, long distance (and soon wireless) bundles,” explained Sprint Spokesman Tom Matthews. “It’s our local, long distance and features a bundle that is available to everyone in North Carolina that is not in our local service territory.”

By October, Matthews said Sprint will be the only carrier that also provides an unlimited wireless component as part of its bundle offerings.

The FCC’s Aug. 21 order gave states the right to continue requiring the former Bell companies to lease elements of their networks, such as lines and central office switching capabilities, to competitors at wholesale rates.

“Sprint is offering small businesses a choice for their local telephone service, eliminating the need for multiple plans and providers,” said Howard Janzen, president of the Global Markets Group for Sprint. “Small business owners want stability in their monthly expenses. Sprint Complete Sense for Business allows them the predictability of a flat monthly rate with the flexibility of selecting a plan that best suits the needs of their business.”

Small businesses can receive unlimited local and domestic long-distance service with enhanced features such as voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID starting for $69.95 in certain states.

“Small businesses need to make the most of all their telecommunications services, whether they are local, long-distance or wireless,” said Len Lauer, president of Sprint’s PCS Division. “Sprint’s combination of wireline and wireless services helps businesses be productive in the office and on the go.”

Sprint: www.sprint.com