DiPrima Corp. has signed an exclusive agreement with NeuroSpeech Technologies of India to nationally market and distribute Screen Reading products, which can read text displayed on a computer screen audibly.

The NeuroSpeech programs, available in both English and Spanish, work in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook Express, MS Outlook, MS Word, Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat.

As the text is read, the individual words are highlighted, providing better impact for learning and retention. Font size, volume and speed controls can be adjusted according to your individual preferences.

“The quality is excellent,” says Donald Neary, president and chief executive officer of DiPrima. “For less than $30, it is now possible to have your web pages read aloud, listen to email messages, acrobat files, etc., or save your daily reading as audio files for future listening any time, any place.”

This subsidiary of DiPrima Corp. will be called DBA/MyComputerSpeaks.com. More information and a demonstration can be viewed at the website below.

DiPrima was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Blowing Rock, NC, with satellite offices in Miami, New York City and Los Angeles.

DiPrima/DBA: www.mycomputerspeaks.com

NeuroSpeech: www.neurospeech.com