Pozen say the results of a Phase IIIb study demonstrate that its oral drug MT 100 provides “superior sustained pain relief” over placebo for patients in the early treatment of migraine.

The Phase IIIb randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study included 332 patients from 20 sites across the United States. It evaluated the efficacy of a single tablet dose of MT 100 when given within one hour of migraine pain onset as compared to placebo.

The data demonstrated that MT 100 provided sustained pain relief in statistically significantly more patients with moderate and severe baseline pain, Pozen says.

“Unlike drugs that may provide relief at two hours, which then dissipate over time, these data provide compelling evidence that MT 100 provides 24-hour relief with a single tablet for many migraine sufferers,” said John Plachetka, chairman, president and CEO of Pozen. “The data also show that early treatment with MT 100 increases the likelihood of pain relief than when patients treat later.”

Pozen: www.pozen.com