Network Presence Communications Corp. (NPCC) has launched, offering a special introductory free linkage for all candidates running for offices across North Carolina to its voter’s portal.

In order to allow candidates to gain wider exposure and experience using, NPCC will charge no fees to any candidate or advocacy group requesting linkage of their campaign website through the completion of the N.C. November Municipal election.

Candidates need to send an e-mail requesting linkage of their campaign web site to The e-mail must contain details of the candidate’s website name.

The service and site, from NPCC in Greensboro, allow voters to find political candidates listed by county and those running in their local elections.

The site also provides links to official government websites of current elected officials at the local, state and federal levels by clicking on the desired category. Links are also provided to the websites of all 50 U.S. states, the 100 counties of North Carolina, and most cities and municipalities across North Carolina that have a web presence.

The service is offered without cost by NPCC to the public to help raise public consciousness and voter participation in local elections, and now, for a limited time, it’s free to the candidate and advocate groups, too.

NPCC also offers candidates who lack an existing website a cost-effective method to create an online presence through its affiliate The company will provide templates tailored to the needs of a political candidate, who supplies specific information to make the Web site unique.