BioScience Learning (BSL), a life sciences content and communications company, will collaborate with SceneMachines of Cambridge, England.

Under the joint deal, Raleigh-based BSL will work with SceneMachines to add 3D virtual reality and wireless capabilities to the company’s rapidly growing business.

“Being able to see content in 3D from all perspectives is very exciting and will dramatically increase the patient or healthcare provider understands of content,” said BSL Chief Executive Officer Larry Laws. “We saw the need to deliver content this way when we first began the business, but we needed the right partner with the tools and skills to make it a reality. SceneMachines’ ability to deliver 3D content to wireless devices will be a tremendous advantage as universal handheld devices become even more ubiquitous.”

The two companies plan to cooperatively develop new products and services through this collaboration, in addition to the joint marketing efforts already in motion.

“We’re very excited about the alliance with Bioscience Learning to change the way life science content is viewed by patients and healthcare providers,” said SceneMachines CEO David Hothersall. “Using virtual reality and wireless technologies we look forward to working with BSL to truly revolutionize learning in the life sciences space and penetrate emerging markets.”

Less than a month ago, BSL moved into a larger 2,500 sq. ft. facility on Glenwood Ave. after recently expanding its staff to eight employees. The company says that number will likely double by the end of the year in order to meet the demand from existing and pending contracts.