A new online publication, DataCenterJournal.com, offers free IT-, facilities- and design-specific news articles and editorials, as well as networking opportunities. It is published by EDM2R Enterprises Inc. of Alpharetta.

A portal for data center related information, the website will include message boards, online white papers and a glossary of data center terms.

For those who desire additional information and options, the site will also offer a membership plan. Paid members will be able to post and review requests for proposals, participate in online educational courses, attend future e-conventions and more.

The first publication of its kind in the data center industry, the journal will also offer data center vendors exclusive opportunities to showcase and promote products and services.

“We will be the first-and, for now, only-publication of our kind,” says Randy Ortiz, editor of DataCenterJournal.com. “With that kind of ability to reach the target audience of IT professionals and facilities and design professionals, we will be able to deliver a very special kind of demographic.”

DataCenterJournal.com: www.datacenterjournal.com