Lancope, a provider of behavior-based threat detection and network intelligence solutions, is introducing StealthWatch+Therminator (SW+T).

SW+T provides real-time visualization of network traffic and detection of known and unknown attacks to protect sensitive data as well as network assets.

Lancope developed SW+T in cooperation with the National Security Agency, the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Naval Postgraduate School.

Through a licensing agreement, the government has transferred the Therminator technology to Lancope, based in Atlanta.

SW+T combines Therminator’s data reduction and data visualization technology with StealthWatch’s recognition of unknown threats, flow analysis abilities, network surveillance and forensic trail of network activity for tracing events in real-time and retroactively.

Powered by thermodynamic-based algorithms, SW+T visualization distinguishes anomalous network behavior and deviations from a state of network traffic equilibrium.

SW+T enables the progression from real-time visual identification of nefarious activity to an understanding of the event details through the time-based Events Log, host-based flow analysis and associated packet captures.

SW+T is generally available as of Aug. 31. Pricing begins at $35,000.