Mapics executive Harold Cavallaro will lead a roundtable entitled “Fulfilling the Promise of World-class Manufacturing” on Sept 18.

This event, sponsored in conjunction with IBM and CisTech, a Mapics affiliate, will be held at Georgia Tech’s Manufacturing Research Center in Atlanta, where Mapics is also based.

The forum will connect business decision makers with the industry experts and innovators. During the session, Cavallaro, along with other experts from Georgia Tech, will discuss the trends, directions and cultural, as well as managerial and operational inhibitors that challenge manufacturers around the globe.

Participants will learn why today’s manufacturing imperatives require new business models that are responsive to customer, supply chain and internal demands.

“New manufacturing strategies to harness the real potential of your enterprise require today’s business systems perform leaner, more agile, and more tightly integrated than ever before,” explains Cavallaro, vice president of strategic services for Mapics. “Couple this with increased customer demands, more product configurations, and higher levels of system complexity and you can easily understand why achieving world-class levels of performance in manufacturing has become mandatory.”