Tri-State Broadband has completed the construction of a 190 foot tower that will broadcast a “wireless last mile solution” in a rural southern Georgia city.

The tower, which utilizes non-line-of-sight (NLOS) wireless technology, is located in Adel, GA, a city in the south central part of the state, just north of the Florida border.

The tower will broadcast a high speed wireless Internet signal that subscribers can receive on a wireless NLOS modem up to 4 miles, and possibly further if conditions are right. A line-of-site service (LOS) is also available offering speeds over 5 Mb per second.

The new wireless Internet service, called Southlink, will launch sometime in mid September, but the date is not yet confirmed, according to John Overley, the vice president of Tri-State.

The Southlink wireless project represents a multi-year contract between the City of Adel and Tri-State Broadband of Roswell, GA, to install and maintain the wireless system.

Tri-State designed and engineered the new system that will provide a wireless Internet system for the City of Adel that integrates with the existing high-speed fiber system.

The new Hybrid-Fiber-Wireless (HFW) network will bring DSL speeds to the city and the surrounding area (businesses and residents) and supports both LOS and NLOS connections.

With the Southlink project, the City of Adel also has established an integrated HFW high-speed point of presence and has plans to connect other nearby cities by extending its high-speed service.

Tri-State Broadband: