End II End communications is seeking patent protection for virtual private network (VPN) technology delivered through broadband satellite networking technology.

End II End provides security software for enterprise networks.

“One of the most important benefits of this technology is that it enables us to overturn the conventional wisdom that IPSec Virtual Private Networks do not work over broadband satellite,” said Todd Anderson, End II End’s Chief Technology Officer, and one of the patent’s co-authors, in a statement. “Test data shows that the IPSec VPN incorporated in our software products actually runs at full line speed over various satellite network connections, because of broadband network optimization.

“This innovation will serve to revolutionize corporate wide area networking as it means enterprises can now obtain secure and complete broadband coverage for all their remote locations – not just the 20-30 percent where DSL and business cable are currently available,” he added.

End II End: www.eiiecomm.com