Blue292 has deployed the Blue EM for Homeland Security to the city of Carlsbad, NM, is the first city in the state to do so.

On the heels of the deployment, the city implemented a Virtual Emergency Operations Center and conducted a training exercise involving all emergency managers, law enforcement, EMS, and other first responders.

In order to ensure the safety of its 25,000 people, Carlsbad said it needed a system that allows local emergency managers, law enforcement officials, fire/rescue operators, and others to share emergency planning and operational information.

RTP-based Blue292 says its EM for Homeland Security helped in Carlsbad’s ability to support current e-gov efforts, enabling the city to comply with post-Sept. 11 Federal and Presidential initiatives related to the security of U.S. citizens and local governments’ crisis response systems.

Blue EM for Homeland Security provides homeland security directors and personnel with a solution that manages emergency and incident situations, including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more.

In the event of an incident, the system automatically alerts key personnel, initiates response actions, and tracks resources and recovery efforts. In tandem, the system collects and reports on all incident information, ensuring that data is accessible.

“Emergency teams in the city of Carlsbad are the first in New Mexico and the latest nationwide to benefit from Blue EM for Homeland Security solution–” said Kevin Coyne, Blue292’s executive vice president. “Blue EM for Homeland Security brings all tactical programs together, automating entire response and recovery processes and making it easier for agencies and individuals to share and access critical data at the time of need.”