DigitalHatch launched its new audio sales training program called “How to Become a Peer in the Boardroom, Instead of a Vendor Waiting in the Hallway.”

The program from Atlanta-based DigitalHatch is designed specifically for software, IT, and professional service firms.

A modular audio sales training program, it teaches IT sales professionals how to network, cold call, manage key accounts, negotiate IT contracts, give executive briefings, and create business value using peer-to-peer visual brochure communication techniques and strategies that informs management how their technology or service can fix business pain.

“To sell senior management in our current economy, IT salespeople need to focus on the development of peer-to-peer sales techniques that position them as executive strategists who use IT as a business tool that drives business results,” said DigitalHatch Presidnet Paul DiModica. “Our new audio and workbook program teaches IT salespeople how to do this in a tactical manner.”

DigitalHatch also publishes a weekly sales newsletter called Business Development Management News with over 190,000 opt-in subscribers.