Movaz Networks has successfully completed an interoperability and performance assessment performed by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Laboratory of the Defense Information Systems Agency.

The approval covers the company’s entire product portfolio, including the RAYstar, RAYexpress, RAYextender, RAYtracer and RAYo/s. Movaz is based in Atlanta.

The JITC assessment involved test cases that evaluated the product line’s standards compliance, performance and multi-vendor interoperability and was performed on a large system configuration consisting of two interconnected RAYexpress rings, both of which directly terminated on a RAYstar head-end node.

Additionally, the RAYstar provided integrated switching functions to enable routing of wavelengths from one RAYexpress ring to another, utilizing GMPLS software intelligence enabled by the embedded optical control plane.

Nearly 350 test cases were executed by JITC engineers with 100 percent pass rate achieved on both RAYstar and RAYexpress products. The interoperability assessment criteria were applied to products from seven different network equipment vendors.

Full pass rates were declared on Transport Interfaces as well as Exchange of Services. Network management capabilities were also fully tested, including SNMP and GMPLS control plane.

“Movaz has already made tremendous inroads with the sales of the RAY products for applications with several United States government agencies,” said Bijan Khosravi, chairman and chief executive officer. “While Movaz understands that further testing may be required — this JITC assessment is a significant milestone as it paves the way for Movaz to qualify for any government projects requiring optical transport equipment.”