Redundant Networks says it will provide disaster recovery planning assistance for customers seeking offsite backup solutions.

Network engineers can help customers develop a backup and recovery solution to utilize in the event of a disaster, such as the recent blackouts that occurred, Redundant says.

According to a recent survey of U.S. companies conducted by Info-Tech Research Group, over 60 percent of IT departments did not have formal plans and procedures in place to deal with the blackout that hit the Northeastern United States and Canada.

Redundant engineers can work with customers to develop a detailed business continuity plan for near-instant failover of critical information and by deploying a warm or hot backup site in a Redundant facility, the company says.

“Information is the lifeblood of a company but developing an information recovery plan can be time consuming and tedious,” noted Janice Fetzer, general manager and chief operating officer of Redundant. “Our professional services team is committed to helping customers achieve business continuity objectives easily and efficiently, at the most cost-effective price point.”

Redundant Networks has offices in Raleigh and Reno, NV.