Computational Engineering International (CEI) has released a new EnVideo 2 animation player.

The player offers push-button controls, multi-threading support for faster playback, compatibility with standardized graphics formats, and improved VR functionality.

EnVideo 2, available for free downloading on CEI’s web site, enables users of EnSight and EnSight Gold visualization software to transform animations into movies that can be displayed on a desktop or laptop system.

It is the first new tool based on CEI’s Visualization Framework, which incorporates parallel I/O, processing and rendering to increase performance.

EnVideo 2 also includes the evo library and EnVe. The evo library is an open-source application programming interface that allows users to write evo files from their own software and view them with EnVideo.

EnVe, the EnVideo editor, is a tool for “pasting” together multiple animation segments into a complete movie. The editor can be used either interactively or from command files.

The evo library and EnVe are also available for free downloading on the CEI web site.

CEI has corporate headquarters in Apex, NC, and authorized distributors around the world. In addition to software products, the company provides consulting services to engineers and scientists from organizations that need to visualize computational results for research, product design or product refinement.