Mi-Co has entered a strategic alliance with Anoto to become a services provider for enterprise handwritten data capture software applications.

With this agreement in place, RTP-based Mi-Co will launch commercial mobile data capture software solutions that use Anoto’s technology for digital communication.

Mi-Co now has the right to use the Anoto infrastructure, to license its patterns for the Mi-Forms application and to gain support from the Anoto team to bring digital pen applications with Anoto functionality to market.

This agreement provides Mi-Co with the technologies and infrastructure support from Anoto that allows it to bring digital pen based data capture solutions to enterprise and government markets.

“Based upon this agreement, Mi-Co customers will have the flexibility and power of Anoto functionality built into Mi-Co’s Mi-Forms Software…the Anoto functionality is a significant new technology in the digital writing space,” said Jim Clary, chief executive officer of Mi-Co. “Our customers have been extremely excited about this technology during our beta test phases.”

Mi-Co has been using the Anoto Software Development Kit since 2002 in developing beta software for the Logitech io Pen.

“In developing in this environment and working with Mi-Forms customers,” Greg Clary, Mi-Co’s chief technology officer, said, “we see the huge potential this technology has in deploying large scale, enterprise data capture applications in our key target markets of government, public safety and healthcare solutions.”

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