RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK … Six deals worth more than $63 million in North Carolina gave the region a big boost in venture fundraising for the year.

Carolinas and Georgia firms have raised more than $445 million. But that’s far less than this time a year ago when more than $716 million was raised.

Here is LTW’s exclusive list, ranked according to the size of the deal, for the Carolinas and Georgia:

Company; Sector; Amount (Round)

1. NewSouth Communications, Greenville, S.C.; Telecommunications; $63.5 million (NA)
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, M/C Ventures, Quadrangle Group, Vaxa Corporate Partners and Wachovia Partners

2. Biolex, Pittsboro, Pharmaceutical, $24.4 million

Investors: Quaker Bioventures, Intersouth, Johnson & Johnson Development Corp., Misui & Co., Dow Chemical, Dogwood Equity, Trelys Venture Partners, Wakefield Group, Kitty Hawk Capital, Franklin Street Partners, Tall Oaks Capital, Academy Centennial Fund.

3. TransTech Pharma, High Point, N.C.; Pharmaceutical; $24 million (2nd)

Investors: MacAndrews & Forbes (lead), Cephaton and Novo Nordisk A/S

4. FlexLight, Atlanta; networking; $17 million

Investors: St. Paul Venture Capital, Accel Partners, Applied Materials Ventures, Concord Ventures, Coral Ventures.

5. Prenova, Marietta, Ga.; IT services; $15.5 million (3rd)

Investors Frontenac (lead) Austin Ventures and River Cities Capital Funds

6 LipoScience, Raleigh, Life Science, $15 million (Series E)

Investors: Three Arch Partners, US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, GE Capital Equity Investments, INVESCO Private Capital, A.M. Pappas..

7. Targacept, Winston-Salem, N.C.; Biotech; $14 million (2nd)

Investors: Nomura International Healthcare Private Equity Group (lead), Bison Capital, Cogene Biotech Ventures, JAFCO, Oxford Bioscience Partners and Rock Castle Ventures

8. STI Knowledge, Atlanta; Software; $14 million (1st)

Investors: Satish Sanan (individual lead) BV-Cornerstone Ventures and Mellon Ventures

9. Ziptronix, Morrisville, N.C.; Hardware; $13.9 million (2nd)

Investors: Grotech Capital Group (co-lead), Intersouth Partners (co-lead), iSherpa Capital and MCNC Enterprise Fund

10. iVivity, Atlanta; Software; $13 million (3rd)

Investors: 1st Logic, HIG Capital, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Kinetic Ventures, Cordova Ventures, Bergman & Associates.

11. TranS1, Wilmington, N.C.; Medical devices; $12 million (2nd)

Investors: Advanced Technology Ventures (lead), Cutlass Capital, Delphi Ventures and Sapient Capital

12. Nitronex, Raleigh; chips; $11.3 million

Investors: Alliance Technology Ventures, TPG Ventures and VantagePoint Venture Partners

13. nuBridges, Atlanta; Software; $11 million (2nd)

Investors: hf Flagship Investments (lead), C&B Capital, GMT Capital, Noro-Moseley, Tycho and Marie Hawle Foundation and individuals

14. Arsenal Digital Solutions, Cary, N.C.; IT services; $10.5 million (4th)

Investors: Covestco, Southeast Interactive Technology Funds and Southern Cross Capital

15. Ephinay, Charlotte; Services; $10 million (1st)

Investors: Chrys Capital

15. StemCo Biomedical, Durham; Biotech; $10 million (2nd)

Investors: Aurora Funds (co-lead), Intersouth Partners (co-lead), BD Ventures, Piedmont Angel Network, Tall Oaks Capital and Trelys Venture Partners

15. Procuri, Atlanta; Software; $10 million (3rd)

Investors: Insight Venture Partners

18. CipherOptics, Raleigh; IT services; $9.6 million (2nd)

Investors: Kodiak Venture Partners (lead), Axiom Venture Partners, New Tampa Technologies and Origin Partners

19. BioStratum, RTP, $9.5 million
Healthcap, BankInvvest, Li Ftaeknisjodurinn hf, Equity Resource

20.AppForge, Atlanta; wireless applications; $8.3 million
Grosevenor Fund, Council Centers, The Warren Group, Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Sinclair Ventures, Draper Atlantic and C&B Capital.

21. Optical Experts Manufacturing, Charlotte; Media; $8 million (1st)

Investors: Ballast Point Ventures, Frontier Capital and Harbinger Mezzanine

22. EGT, Atlanta; Digital Video; $7.4 million (2nd)

Investors: Sevin Rosen Funds, Noro-Moseley Partners, HIG Ventures, Gray Ventures, Yamacraw Seed Capital Fund, angels.

23. Venetica, Charlotte; Software; $7 million (1st)

Investors: Charles River Ventures and General Catalyst Partners

23. APEX Analytix, Greensboro; Software; $7 million (1st)

Investors: Wakefield, Noro-Moseley.

25. Brickstream, Atlanta; Software; $6.2 million (1st)

Investors: Columbia Capital and Mohr Davidow Ventures

26. Trusted Network Technologies, Alpharetta, Ga.; IT services; $6 million (1st)

Investors: Charles River Ventures and Flagship Ventures

27. Engenious Software, Cary, Software, $5.8 million (4th)

Investors: QuestMark Partners , GE Investments, Noro-Moseley Partners, Idanta Partners

28. Lancope, Alpharetta, Ga.; IT Services; $5 million (2nd)

Investors: HIG Ventures and GMG Capital Partners

28. Oculan, Raleigh; Networking; $5 million (4th)

Investors: Soros Equity Partners

29. VisionAIR, Castle Hayne, N.C.; Software; $5 million (NA)

Investors: Banc of America Capital Investors (lead), Covestco, GE Capital and Southeast Interactive Technology Funds

31. MediaSpan Group, Durham; IT services/software; $4.5 million (1st)

Investors: Covesco-Seteura, Rustic Canyon Group and Southeast Interactive Technology Funds

32. HAHT Commerce, Raleigh; Software; $4.1 million (3rd)

Investors: Banc of America Capital Investors, Canaan Partners, CIBC Capital Partners and Granite Ventures

33. Metabolon, Raleigh, Life Science, $4 million (1st)
Aurora Funds, Trelys Ventures, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, plus individuals.

33. Kyma Technologies, Research Triangle Park; Hardware; $4 million (2nd)

Investors: Digital Power Capital and Siemens Venture Capital

35. Parion, Life Science, Durham, $3.5 million
Albany Molecular Research, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, others.

36. Q1 Labs, Atlanta; Software; $3.3 million (1st)

Investors: Business Development Bank of Canada and New Brunswick Investment Management

37. Flexlight, Atlanta; Networking; $3 million (2nd)

Investors: Coral Ventures and Concord Ventures

37. Quellan, Atlanta; Hardware; $3 million (2nd)

Investors: Cordova Intellimedia Ventures, Greenspring Ventures, ITU Ventures, National Semiconductor, University Financing Foundation and Yamacraw Seed Capital Fund III

39. CoreCard Software, Norcross, Ga.; Software; $2.5 million (NA)

Investors: Intelligent Systems

39. XActional, Durham; Software; $2.5 million (1st)

Investors: Aurora Funds (lead), Intersouth Partners and NextPoint Partners

39. Investics, Atlanta, Software, $2.5 million

Investors: HIG Ventures, Intersouth, Imlay Investments, Atlanta Technology Partners.

42. KnowledgeStorm, Atlanta; Internet services; $2.4 million.
Apex Venture Partners, Imlay Investments, Live Oak Equity Partners, Sterling Venture Partners, Total Technology Partners.

43. Qcept Technologies, Atlanta; Hardware; $2.1 million (NA)

Investors: Pittco Capital Partners (lead), Atlanta Technology Ventures and Bergman & Associates

44. Relativity Technologies, Cary, N.C.; Software; $2 million (4th)

Investors: Noro-Moseley Partners and Wakefield Group

44. AvidXchange, Charlotte; Software; $2 million (2nd)

Investors: Charlotte Angel Partners, Piedmont Angel Network and and individuals

44. Auctionworks, Atlanta; Software; $2 million (2nd)

Investors: Undisclosed

44. NuTech Solutions, Charlotte; Software; $2 million (3rd)

Investors: Individuals

44. Encelle, Raleigh; Biotech; $2 million (4th)

Investors: Intersouth Partners and North Carolina Enterprise Fund

44. Bright View Technologies, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Media; $2 million (1st)

Investors: Tri-State Investment Group (lead), Charleston Angel Partners, Charlotte Angel Partners and Piedmont Angel Network

50. ChemCodes, Durham; Biotech; $1.8 million (3rd)

Investors: Intersouth Partners

51. RSS Solutions, Greenville, N.C.; Software; $1.6 million (1st)

Investors: EdgeStone Capital Partners

52. LiveWire Logic, Morrisville, N.C.; Software; $1.5 million (3rd)

Investors: Gray Ventures and Research Triangle Ventures

52. Trinity Security, Charlotte; IT services; $1.5 million (1st)

Investors: Venture Capital Solutions

54. Synthematix, Durham; Software; $1.25 million (2nd)

Investors: Catalysta Partners and individuals

55. InsLogic Holding, Columbia, S.C.; IT services; $1.1 million (7th)

Investors: Warburg Pincus

56. ISIC, Cary, N.C.; Hardware; $1 million (Seed)

Investors: Academy Funds and MCNC Seed Fund

56. Unitrends Software, Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Software; $1 million (1st)

Investors: Trelys Ventures

56. Tranzyme, Research Triangle Park, N.C.; Biotech; $1 million (2nd)

Investors: Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories

59. AfterBOT, Norcross, Ga.; Software; $835,000 (2nd)

Investors: River Cities Capital Funds

60. iReadyWorld, Charlotte; IT services; $650,000 (4th)

Investors: Total Technology Ventures

61. SAK Logistics, Atlanta; Software; $500,000 (1st)

Investors: Individuals

62. Metabolon Pharmaceuticals, Research Triangle Park, N.C.; Biotech; $300,000 (Seed)

Investors: Aurora Funds

63. Noverant, Raleigh; Software; $266,000 (Seed)

Investors: Research Triangle Ventures and individuals

64. Coventor, Cary, N.C.; Hardware; $250,000 (NA)

Investors: Undisclosed

65. StrikeIron, Raleigh; Software; $150,000 (Seed)

Investors: Aurora Funds

66. RYLA Teleservices, Woodstock, Ga.; IT services; $100,000 (2nd)

Investors: Sustainable Jobs Fund

67. VT Silicon, Atlanta; Hardware; NA (Seed)

Investors: ITU Ventures

68. International IT Services, Raleigh; IT services; NA (1st)

Investors: WellFound Technology

69. Navigational Sciences, Charleston, S.C.; IT services; NA (1st)

Investors: Individuals