An IDC study sponsored by NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ) highlights the benefits achieved by customers using its systems and security management and web analytics solutions.

Principal findings of the study show cost savings, reduction in downtime and improvement in IT and user productivity that result in an average ROI of 600 percent, an average payback period of only 156 days and an average reduction in system downtime of 17.5 percent.

Founded in 1995, NetIQ is headquartered in San Jose, with development and operational personnel in Raleigh, Houston, Portland, OR, Bellevue, WA, and Auckland, New Zealand. The company also has customers around the world.

IDC surveyed a cross-section of NetIQ systems and security management customers, ranging from smaller organizations to larger enterprises, across several industries.

Specific customer benefits cited include annual cost savings of three times the NetIQ software purchase price, reduction of end-user productivity loss by 10.8 percent on an annual basis, and deployment in 2-3 days with functionality that had taken competing vendors 5-6 months to achieve

“Doing more with less has become the rule in many IT installations and considerations, such as time to value, short payback periods and fast ROI have become integral parts of IT selection criteria for management software,” said Tim Grieser, program vice president for Enterprise System Management at IDC. “The NetIQ product strategy resonates well with these realities in the current market climate.”

IDC analysts also found value in converging systems and security management, an approach NetIQ is using.

“NetIQ solutions are designed to install in minutes, configure in hours and deploy enterprise-wide in days requiring little to no professional services to support,” said Chris Pick, vice president of market strategy at NetIQ. “This research reinforces and quantifies what customers have been telling us…NetIQ solutions provide fast time to value.”

A copy of the IDC study is available at the NetIQ website.