PPD Inc. (Nasdaq: PPDI) has started a new portfolio of integrated clinical and marketing programs for market development.

Developed with pharmaceutical and biotechnology client feedback, PPD says it created a team of clinical, marketing and health outcomes experts to help companies with pre-launch and post-market programs to develop markets for new products and extend market value of existing products.

With the estimated average cost to develop a drug rising 250 percent in the past decade, market development services are one of the fastest growing segments. Patent expirations, generics and managed care also add challenges to attaining drug development cost recuperation and profit.

“The industry is recognizing that integrating market development programs with product development promotes a stronger foundation to maximize product lifecycles,” said Fred Eshelman, chief executive officer at PPD in Wilmington.

PPD market development experts combine health outcomes, such as epidemiology, psychometrics and economics, with clinical research to measure and compare risks, benefits, economic and quality-of-life impact of drug therapies.

The resulting data helps to demonstrate value of the product and provides insight on needs to optimize user acceptance upon product launch, PPD says.

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