Wilson County is implementing a mobile data capture technology from Mi-Co.

The pilot program will begin Sept. 1 for the Wilson County Home Health Agency and will be under the direction of Debra Harris, the agency’s home health director.

The project includes the electronic capture of Outcome & Assessment Information Set (OASIS) data. OASIS includes assessment data for adult home care patients that is sent to state agencies and administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Mi-Co’s end-to-end Mi-Forms Software System enables the capture, handwriting verification and communication of forms based and free-form pen-on-paper data for enterprise users. Mi-Forms supports data capture using the Tablet PC, the Logitech io Digital Pen, Pocket PCs and signature capture devices.

Mi-Co’s vertical markets for the Mi-Forms Software include healthcare and pharmaceuticals, public safety, and governmental services, and Mi-Co has a growing number of customers in these segments.

Mi-Co: www.mi-corporation.com