Alveolus, a provider of non-vascular interventional stent technology, recently received regulatory approval in the European Union (EU).

The EU approval is for a new implantable device to be used in non-vascular interventional pulmonary stenting.

Charlotte-based Alveolus, having attained FDA approval in the United States earlier this year, has already begun domestic commercialization.

With the approval of the CE mark, Alveolus is now set to market and sell their next generation stents in Europe.

Eric Mangiardi, president and chief executive officer of Alveolus, said, “With the ability to market and sell our product in Europe, we are now approved in two-thirds of the global marketplace with an opportunity to leverage approval in the Pacific Rim countries.”

Alveolus is in “active discussions” with international distributors in the Pacific Rim, says Mangiardi, and expects to sign the first definitive agreement to market the product before the end of the 4th quarter of this year.