Biopharmaceutical company Nova BioGenetics has named Cecil Smith as its new chief executive officer.

Smith replaces Tim Moses, the founder of Nova BioGenetics who stepped down as CEO, as the company announced July 15.

Moses, who is still chairman and director of public services, vacated the post so that a new CEO could be found, the company said at the time.

Smith is an expert in microbial decontamination strategies and biosafety. He has conducted research in the areas of antibiotic resistance and microbial adaptation, as well as managing clinical trials.

One of Smith’s principal roles at Nova BioGenetics will be to extend the spectrum of molecules in the company’s antibiotic resistance portfolio.

Formerly know as Healthcare Network Solutions, Atlanta-based Nova BioGenetics is engaged in the discovery, development, and commercialization of new therapeutic agents that treat life-threatening infectious diseases.

Nova BioGenetics’ pipeline, for both FDA and EPA regulatory agencies, is based on patented technology and its own initial bench studies, used as a broad base for applications with existing antibiotic compounds.

Attaching the patented technology with antibiotic compounds has proven to facilitate potential disruption of bacterial agents thus producing new therapeutic agents to be marketed.

While Nova BioGenetics is specifically focused on its biopharmaceutical interests and is presently in a development stage, it also operates a division within the company that is responsible for the sale of patented and EPA approved antimicrobials and biocides.

Currently, Nova BioGenetics has contracted with eight specialty chemical representative agencies, with over 63 sales agents in the U.S. to market its diverse line of products for that division.

Nova BioGenetics, says continued expansion, particularly in the overseas markets, is part of the company’s current marketing strategy.

Nova BioGenetics: