VistaScape Security Systems, which has developed software to integrate video surveillance solutions, soon will be using its technology along the US-Mexico border.

The Atlanta firm said Tuesday that it has won a pilot project from the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection for the project along an undisclosed portion of the border.

VistaScape’s Security Data Management System provides automated intrusion detection, Data is gathered from multiple surveillance systems and monitored by the SDMS system, thus reducing false alarms as well as the need for border agents to watch monitors themselves, according to the company.

The border agency already has in place multiple sensors, including thermal cameras, regular visual cameras, and ground sensors.

VistaScape’s software integrates information compiled from all those sources and offers a real-time graphical interface update on PC or wireless device screens, the company said. The SDMS software can be modified to meet customer needs for specific data and when alerts should be issued.

SPAWAR Systems Center in San Diego also is part of the project.

“Instead of reactively responding to incidents detected manually by human eyes, SDMS automatically alerts agents to security breaches and arms them with the situational intelligence they need to effectively respond to the incident,” said Glenn McGonnigle, president and chief executive officer of VistaScape, in a statement.