CHARLOTTE–Venetica, which makes enterprise content integration software, said VeniceBridge 5.0 is now available and greatly increases the types of content repositories that can be integrated with applications.

The company says it’s the first such product to include the JR170 standard.

Java specification request (JSR) 170 is an initiative of the Java
community process to define a Java content repository application programmer interface (API). The goal of the Java content repository API is to give application developers a method for accessing JCR-compliant content repositories. Venetica is a member of the JSR 170 expert group that is defining the JCR standard.

Venetica says the new release provides customers with a single interface to content across disparate environments, the company says.

It says the software provides a real-time virtual view of content and workflow in place. It provides tools to develop enterprise applications that connect to any content system, and out-of-the-box bridges to leading systems such as those from FileNet, Documentum, IBM, Open Text, Microsoft and Lotus Notes.

Venetica leverages numerous industry standards, including Web Services, Java, .NET, and is the first to include JSR 170.

In addition to these features in VeniceBridge 5.0, other enhancements have been included such as support for Linux and new features for optimal handling of geographically dispersed content sources and extremely large content such as audio, video and high-resolution images, the company says.

“Our customers are wrestling with business-critical initiatives such as improving customer service, complying with new regulations and consolidating operations following a merger,” said Stuart Levinson, president and chief executive officer, Venetica.

“VeniceBridge 5.0 helps organizations implement these initiatives more quickly, maximizing the revenue generation, risk avoidance and cost reduction benefits.”