RALEIGH–Joan Myers, president of the North Carolina Electronics & Information Technologies Association (NCEITA) assumed the position of vice-chair and secretary of the Council on Regional Information Technology Associations (CRITA).

The Council of Regional Information Technology Associations represents more than 55 information technology trade organizations who in turn represent more than 22,000 technology-related companies.

CRITA’s mission is to facilitate information, visibility, networking, and services for information technology-focused, not-for-profit member organizations — thereby enhancing and improving the business environment for IT companies and the IT industry in the Americas.

“Since its formation 10 years ago, CRITA has quickly grown to the largest IT organization in North America,” James Cookinham, CRITA’s Chairman said. “CRITA’s position enables the association, and its member organizations, to effectively champion issues and initiatives critical to growing bigger and better high-tech business communities throughout North America.”

In North Carolina, NCEITA is the regional CRITA representative. “NCEITA’s participation in CRITA allows us to share best practices with other CRITA members to identify and improve resources to develop talent, capital and management — all critical components to building high-tech regions,” Myers said