Raleigh–Infostrength Inc. and Strategic Compliance International (SCI) will offer training about U.S. Food and Drug Adminsitration (FDA) regulations, electronic records requirements and compliance best practices at the TechEngage conference this week.

The training provides an overview of how computer technology is used in the life sciences industry. Rita Geiger, president and chief executive officer of InfoStrength and Carmen M. Wagner, president and founder of SCI will conduct the training sessions.

The TechEngage leading edge technology training classes are held all week from August 11-15, 2003 at the NCSU School of Management. The classes are available to all unemployed and under employed technology professionals of the community.

Geiger has over 13 years of business expertise in medical, industrial automation and information technology and contributes to FDAnews.

Wagner has more than 20 years industry experience and is a frequent speaker at pharmaceutical conferences and author of many articles about quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

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