CARY–Crystal Systems Solutions ltd (Nasdaq:CRYS) has changed its name and Nasdaq ticker symbol, to BluePhoenix Solutions ltd. (Nasdaq:BPHX).

BluePhoenix Chief Executive Officer Arik Kilman said the Crystal Systems made the change following its acquisition of BluePhoenix because the company’s name is recognized worldwide.

“BluePhoenix is recognized worldwide as the company to turn to for enterprise-scale application development projects,” he said. “By using the BluePhoenix name, we will leverage its existing global infrastructure, as well as the positive reputation, to benefit the consolidated company by further enhancing our global visibility and expanding our market reach.”

BluePhoenix develops and markets enterprise applications that modernize and extend the use of existing information technology systems. The Herzlia, Israel based company, has U.S. headquarters in Cary. The company has 11 offices throughout the world, five of them full-service delivery centers, including the US, UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, Cyprus and Romania.

Blue Phoenix