CHARLOTTE–The Metrolina Entrepreneurial Council says it has more people signed up early for Ruth Castleberry’s talk on competitive intelligence at Queens Aug. 12 than it’s had in the past.

“We’ve got 70 people,” said Terry Thorson, MEC executive director Tuesday. “We never have that many this far in advance.”

Thorson said a strong program helped draw more than 100 for MEC’s event last month. “I think more entrepreneurs attended than in the past,” she says.

Thorson says the upcoming event at Queens may prefigure a continuing relationship between the MEC and the University.

Ruth Castleberry, of Castleberry Consulting, plans to give the August gathering a “high level summary” of the three-day seminar about competitive intelligence she is giving at Queens in September. Then, Linda Christofferson will discuss various programs at Queens that may interest the MEC membership.

“We’ll work with Queens to offer some of those programs at a discount to our members,” Thorson says. “We may possibly customize some programs for our members at a reduced rate.”

Thorson makes it clear she is a believer in educational programming to attract entrepreneurs to MEC functions. “We’re in the process of creating programs and events for the upcoming year. We may even revisit the convergence networking event to make it something beyond the show-up-and-drink-beer event it is today.”

Members are asked to register by Aug. 8 for the event, which takes place in the Sykes Building at Queens Aug. 12 from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.