RESEARCH TRIANGLE–Norak Biosciences Inc. said it has acquired a 500,000 ChemFolio compound library from Lion bioscience AG.

The ChemFolio library of information-enhanced small molecules was designed to facilitate identification and optimization of drug candidates.

Norak will combine the library with its own of 350,000 compounds to create a screening library of 800,000 compounds.

The company said it will screen the library with its own proprietary technologies to search for suitable drug candidates.

Norak focuses on discovering novel drugs to treat central nervous system disorders and pain as well as heart, and inflammatory disease.

Norak will also make all or part of the library available to screening collaborators. The company said that for near-term revenue, it will offer access to its technology to the drug discovery industry via licensing and collaborations.

The company focuses on discovery and development of drugs that regulate G protein-coupled receptors involved in the disorders for which it seeks new treatments.

Norak Biosciences