WELCOME,Walker & Associates, a distributor of telecommunications equipment and provider of other services, has closed on a $10 million three-year credit facility from GMAC Business Credit.

The company said the funds would be used to position it to be “very competitive” in the national service provider market.

Walker provides supply chain management, custom kitting, cable assembly, installation and other services to telecommunications firms.

“This agreement with GMAC is more than enough to support our existing business and will fund our three-year plan going forward,” said Mark Walker, president of the firm. “It confirms our position as a strong survivor of the telecom downturn and essentially completes our financial foundation for the next industry up cycle.”

In a statement, Glenn Poole Jr., president of GMAC, said the telecom market is “showing signs of stability” after having “taken quite a hit over the last several years.”

“The market has bottomed out, and we believe there is more upside than downside for growth in this sector,” he added. “Walker’s ability to anticipate and make the necessary adjustments to their business model has put them in a great position where other companies have failed.”

Walker & Associates: www.walkerfirst.com