Pozen, which recently received a $25 million payment from GSK as part of a new drug development contract, is seeking more treatment possibilities.

Pozen has agreed to pay up to $500,000 to acquire rights to an anti-inflammatory drug, Lornoxicam, from Nycomed. Nycomed is based in Denmark.

As part of the contract, Pozen agreed to pay $50,000 as an upfront fee.

Pozen said the company would explore development of drug candidates for pain relief and other potential applications using Lornoxicam alone or in combination with other ingredients. Pozen could pay as much as another $450,000, depending upon developments.

Pozen will pay for development of potential drugs and retain exclusive commercialization rights for those in the US and Canada plus what the company called semi-exclusive rights in some European countries. However, Nycomed will retain first negotiation rights in Nordic countries.

Pozen sees Lornoxicam, which already is approved for sale in much of Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia, as a potential analgesic pain reliever.

Pozen: www.pozen.com