CHAPEL HILL –MainBrain Inc., which makes Internet software to improve communications between parents and teachers, is giving more than $10,000 to select North Carolina schools to help them buy the application.

The company’s flagship product, MainBrain School, gives teachers the ability to send parents alerts to email or cell phone accounts regarding school closings, grades, special events or absences. It allows parents to fill out and return permission slips online.

It lets schools update their home pages with current events, create Web pages for classes, sports, clubs or other activities, and put everything from cafeteria schedules to homework assignments online.

The secure system was designed from the ground up in partnership with schoolteachers and administrators at Blue Ridge School, a public secondary school in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains.

MainBrain founder Aaron Houghton and CEO Erik Severinghaus are offering grants to provide the software at schools to help improve education in the state, they say.