Kyma Technologies Inc. has been awarded four government contracts totaling $1 million.

The Department of Defense and Department of Energy awarded the contracts to Kyma to support micro and optoelectronic applications of gallium nitride (GaN) substrates. High purity GaN substrates allow GaN-based device manufacturers to
eliminate processing steps and improve device quality over those grown on other substrates, such as sapphire and silicon carbide.

Kyma says it will channel the funds into its product development efforts. Applications range from solid state lighting to advanced transmission and receiving modules for radar, and short wavelength semiconductor lasers for high-density storage.

“Numerous applications in the microelectronic and optoelectronic industries are made possible only through the use of Kyma’s unique GaN technology,” Ed Pupa, Kyma’s chief executive officer says. “These contracts will allow us to refine our GaN technology for the companies that rely on it.”

Founded in 1998, Kyma recently completed its over-subscribed $3 million Series B funding.