Business Facilities Magazine, a trade journal focused on business site-selection issues, ranks Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill fourth behind only San Jose, CA, Boston and Austin, Texas as top cities for high-tech companies to expand operations.

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce is already touting the Queen City’s ranking at number 11 as evidence it is a hospitable place for technology companies to grow.

Atlanta claimed the fifth spot on the magazine’s ranking of 20 cities.

The magazine asked professional site selectors, real-estate pros, and consultants for their top five picks for cities kind to high-tech growth companies. The survey asked them which places are on the tips of their tongues when people in high-tech industries say, “So where should I be looking to expand?”

The magazine notes, “People have different perceptions about what a good location for high-tech company actually means. For many companies, it means being where the talent is. Surrounding your business with similar businesses is a familiar tactic that takes some of the uncertainty out of a high-tech venture.”

Ranked in order, the top 20 cities are:

San Jose, CA; Boston; Austin, Texas, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill; Atlanta; San Diego, CA; Dallas; Denver, CO; Charlotte; New York; Dublin, Ireland; Chicago; Portland, OR; Salt Lake City, UT; Phoenix, AZ; Santa Clara, CA; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the Washington DC, Northern VA area.

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