Alston & Bird LLP is ranked as the No. 6 law firm that the Fortune 250 law firms rely on for intellectual property related matters, according to the July issue of IP Law & Business magazine.

Alston & Bird has made each of the four annual lists compiled by the magazine, which relies on a survey of the Fortune 250. The companies were asked who provided their primary IP litigation counsel as well as primary patent prosecution counsel.

The law firm also has offices in Charlotte and Raleigh.

Nine firms in all have made all four annual lists.

“We are proud of the role we play in helping to preserve, protect and enforce the intellectual property assets that, in many cases, are the cornerstone of success for America’s leading companies,” said Martin Elgison, co-chair of Alston & Bird’s Intellectual Property Practice Groups and the leader of the Intellectual Property-Transactional Group, in a statement. “The IP Law & Business ranking is testimony to the fact that Alston & Bird has built one of the leading IP groups in the country.”