BEDMINSTER,AT&T, hoping to capitalize on the ever-increasing popularity of wireless Internet access through so-called Wi-Fi, is planning to install more than 2,000 “hot spots” in the fourth quarter.

AT&T said the access points would be set up in more than 20 countries. The service will be available for consumers and business customers. AT&T said it will use 802.11b standard services from GRIC Communications in California.

“We are on the brink of a technology revolution with Wi-Fi,” said Betsy Bernard, president of AT&T, in a statement on Wednesday. “AT&T is committed to delivering services for businesses and consumers that set the benchmark for reliability, ease-of-use and security in integrating wired and wireless networks. Today’s announcement addresses the needs of business customers, but as a leader in IP network integration, AT&T will continue to work with best-in-class companies to offer all of our customers a comprehensive set of options for fast, flexible, global Internet access.”