The Mitchell Gold. Co., which manufacturers furniture sold at high-end retail stores, has selected software from MAPICS to improve both customer service and its internal operations.

The Taylorsville, NC firm values customer service and was seeking ways to support its clients while at the same time reduce costs, according to MAPICS.

“We used to review every open order with our customers on weekly or even daily calls,” said Mark Bishop, The Mitchell Gold Co.’s vice president of operations, in a statement.

“Preparations for these calls would require enormous amounts of time creating numerous reports from our 70 different databases and six item master lists. It was difficult to anticipate which order a customer would inquire about on a call, so we had to be prepared to answer any question. It was very clear to us that manually gathering such a breadth of information was not an efficient approach, and that we needed a single solution to streamline the critical processes involved in servicing our customers.”

MAPICS created for the company a single data base and enterprise data sharing capabilities.