ATLANTA … Network security firm Lancope has added 16 resellers from around the globe to the Lancope Channel Partner Program within the first few months of program launch.

The program now includes the following domestic and international partners: Allison Systems, Benchmark Data, Corsa Network Technologies, Icons,, INCAT, Intergraph Solutions Group, I(TS)2, FishNet Security, Konsultek, MasterLink, NetPersist Solutions Group, NetSecure Technology, Red Bull Technologies, Software Security Solutions and TechprodX Group.

“Developed in response to explosive market demand for innovative network security solutions, the Lancope Channel Partner Program has generated significant momentum for Lancope and has enabled us to make major inroads in the international marketplace with partners in the Far East, Middle East and Europe,” Kim Strayer, director of channels and business development with Lancope, said in a statement. “By strategically identifying and aligning with organizations that seek next-generation solutions to enhance their existing network security offerings, Lancope is creating a powerful partnership for mutual success.”

The Lancope Channel Partner Program continues to attract premier resellers, service providers, system integrators and consultants with established reputations in the Internet security and networking industry. Partners expand the market reach of Lancope in order to meet customer demand for increasingly sophisticated network and security solutions. Adding Lancope solutions, like StealthWatch, to their product portfolios enables partners to extend their businesses, generate incremental revenue and access multiple exclusive benefits.

“We found Lancope’s StealthWatch appliance to be extremely useful in identifying and characterizing anomalous traffic patterns on our clients’ networks as part of our Vulnerability Assessment Service,” Mark Lige, principal of NetPersist Solutions Group, said in a statement. “Its powerful data capture and forensic analysis capabilities provide unprecedented visibility into our clients’ actual network activity to identify and eliminate unauthorized or rogue programs already running inside their network, as well as
inefficiencies/misconfigurations that may be impeding their network performance.”