Misys Healthcare Systems has paid $30 million to acquire a suite of clinical software products from Atlanta-based Per-Se technologies.

Misys disclosed the deal on Friday. Per-Se announced the selling price in its own press statement.

The Patient1 program is a computerized patient record and computerized physician order entry product line. Misys also secured Decision1, a clinical data warehousing and advanced reporting tool that it said is complimentary to Patient1.

Misys also will assume product support for existing Per-Se customers.
Per-Se said it decided to sell the program in order to concentrate more on administrative purposes.

“While Patient1 is recognized as a leading clinical system, and we are proud of our accomplishments and the product’s prestigious customer base, the majority of our revenue is derived from the administrative part of the healthcare market,” says Philip Pead, chief executive officer of Per-Se in a statement. “The sale of Patient1 will allow us to better focus our resources on the services and technologies that help physicians and hospitals make their
businesses more efficient and optimize reimbursement.”

Per-Se pointed out that most of its revenues came from administrative services, which the firm sees as “the most significant long-term growth potential for our Company.”

On the other hand, Misys said the acquisition helps it expands the array of information technology solutions for healthcare providers. Misys said it planned to “pair” Patient 1 with its own solutions to “create a true longitudinal patient record.”

“This development illustrates our commitment to delivering best of breed clinical information systems to caregivers everywhere. We have now broadened our reach to create efficiencies, contain costs and enhance care in the hospital setting, physician’s office and patient’s home,” said Tom Skelton, CEO of Misys Healthcare, in a statement.

Misys Healthcare: www.misyshealthcare.com

Per-Se: www.per-se.com