O2, a mobile operator, has chosen to use a Java programming download application from Pinpoint Networks.

O2 said it would use “Fuel” from Pinpoint to offer advanced Java solutions to mobile device users as part of its Revolution service.

“With Java’s growing popularity, rich graphical user interface and large developer base, we are excited to provide our Revolution subscribers with the best possible mobile data services currently available,” said Richard Sedgwick, business manager for O2, in a statement. “Pinpoint’s sophisticated Fuel platform helps us efficiently manage a consistent mobile data experience across our growing portfolio of handsets, and quickly and easily add J2ME content to the Revolution service.”

J2ME refers to Java programming developed for wireless applications. Pinpoint’s Fuel program is designed to deal with variations in J2ME applications and standards for mobile devices. The company said Fuel also will enable carriers to offer event-based billing and digital rights management.

Pinpoint: www.pinpoint.com