RolloverSystems, which provides 401(k) rollover technology, is teaming up with to make its services available to millions of job seekers.

People seeking new jobs at can access RolloverSystems information to determine options for rolling over their Individual Retirement Accounts. The company says the process takes a few minutes as opposed to waiting weeks for traditional rollover requests to be processed.

“This is a blockbuster deal for RolloverSystems because of the immense scale of distribution that it gives us,” said Reginald Bowser, president and chief executive of RolloverSystems, in a statement. “With millions of unique visitors to its site as well as ties to national, media, industry and local Web sites, provides a major online presence for RolloverSystems in the United States.”

“Partnering with RolloverSystems to bring this unique service to job changers fits perfectly with’s mission of helping people make smart decisions in all aspects of career transitions,” added Farhan Yasin, vice president of business development at, in a statement. “The technology developed by RolloverSystems will bring more value to our users with an easier and faster process for moving one’s retirement savings from a former employer’s 401(k) plan to an IRA.”

RolloverSystems’ software enables job changers to receive offers for IRAs from a variety of financial institutions. The offers include information about fees and other details.