Local Tech Wire and Triangle Networking Group (TNG) have formed a strategic alliance to improve the value provided to their respective audiences reaching from the Carolinas to Georgia.

In February, Local Tech Wire launched a new job board that is free to all job seekers. It is designed to give employers that are seeking to tap into the local tech and biotech areas with a low-cost job-posting alternative that no other provider can offer in the Southeast.

TNG has a network of hundreds of talented individuals that can help bridge this connection. In addition to the jobs that local employers post, the newly co-branded Job Board is powered by and linked to Top Echelon Network, the world’s largest placement network of independent recruiters.

“We believe LTW’s Job Board and TNG are providing a badly needed service to our readers,” said Andy Agrawal, one of LTW’s founders and its chairman. “Job seekers who want to stay in the Carolinas and Georgia need access to positions available locally, and LTW and TNG Job Board will provide those.”

Expanded coverage and site benefits
In the future, LTW and TNG hope to provide better job posting and networking services with dual login capabilities for users.

“It makes sense to collaborate with a technology on-line news service like Local Tech Wire,” said Bob Broda, director of the Triangle Networking Group, and a frequent contributor to LTW as a guest columnist. “The positive outcomes of this alliance will not only offer improved services to both our clients, but also enhance our capabilities as an organization.”

Local employers can post their open positions quickly and easily with just the click of a button. Once a job is posted, it’s immediately searchable by job seekers. Plus, employers can post their open positions on the LTW Job Board at a fraction of the cost of placing an ad in the local newspaper. Job seekers can quickly search those jobs by industry, or by the date the job was posted.

The Triangle Networking Group is a non-profit organization with a simple goal – to network, share ideas and knowledge and to provide a networking environment. By enabling networking amongst the groups in the Triangle, TNG also encourages an environment for economic growth.

Local Tech Wire delivers high tech and biotech focused news.

TNG: www.trianglenetworkgroup.com